Monday, 13 June 2011

Solar panels to save £23k on council electricity bill as Brighton and Hove's Green-led council pledges to 'lead by example'

Solar panels

The Green administration on Brighton & Hove City Council has given the go-ahead for roof solar panels on prominent buildings in the city.

Lead councillors supported the solar power scheme at a meeting of the new council cabinet last week.

The council says it hopes to finance the scheme by earning money from the national grid.

The council could take between £40K and £160k depending on sunshine, meaning the initiative could save £23k in the council's electricity bill.

Council officers said they had explored sites across the city to find the best places for solar-powered generators.

It has listed 23 sites as potentially profitable - with 17 locations for photovoltaic (PV) solar panels.

The council wants the panels to be in place by April 2012 when rules mean solar energy may become less profitable.

Currently surplus electricity fed in to the national grid is worth 41p a kilowatt hour.

Councillor Jason Kitcat, the council's cabinet member for finance, said: "I'm delighted that one of the new administration's first decisions will be our city's largest ever roll out of solar panels.

"With this project the council will generate new funds to help offset government cuts to our budget while also reducing our carbon footprint.

"We would encourage everyone in the city to consider whether they too could use renewables to save money and reduce emissions.

"Brighton and Hove can be a hub for green industries and we plan to lead by example."

For more information please contact the Brighton & Hove Green Party office on 01273 766 670.

12 June 2011

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